Values Manifesto


My values are my faith, my people, my health, my work, and my words — in that order.

My faith comes first, certainly. I believe, really and truly, in Jesus Christ and the Gospel as it stands in Scripture. I've staked my life on that, and everything I do, to the best of my ability, is guided by and based on it.

Next to that, my people are my highest priority and deepest joy. The biggest impact I have in my life will not be something I do; it will be the family and friends I love. (That health ranks next is about being physically, mentally, and emotionally well so I can fully love those people.)

My work is a conduit to those things, and all the more purposeful because of it. Choosing work that aligns with and serves those values leads me to pour my heart and creativity into it out of gratitude, not a crazy chase for "success."

Last but not least, my words are some combination of calling and compulsion. I can't not write. So I do my best to share good stories, speak truth, and make people feel like they're not alone. (Because they're not.)